Wood is an organic material, which benefits from individual treatment. Its quality not only varies amongst the different types of wood which are available, but qualitative variations can also exist depending on plantation, location, elevation and age.

No two trees are ever the same. Each trunk has its own unique character. The most important criteria when selecting a type of wood is to ensure that it has good cleavability, contains mould-resistant substances and has small annular rings.

Our shingle makers process the wood using a splitting axe and drawknife just like generations before them have done. Some of their work is also carried out on machines. Each shingle is split individually from the block, cut into a wedge and, depending on the type of shingle, bevelled. Sawn shingles are also produced for wall cladding in addition to hand split shingles and these mainly have uniform widths and a decorative cut. The usual shapes and dimensions of shingles, as well as the quality standards are contained in DIN 68119 and the Theo Ott factory standard.