A piece of nature

Traditionally manufactured wood shingles for roofs and facades are experiencing a renaissance.

An increasing number of architects and roofers are recommending shingles as a contemporary biological construction material.
In the densely wooded areas around the world, timber shingles have been in existence almost since the establishment of the earliest settlements.
The oldest type of shingle is the so-called „laid shingle“. This was simply laid on the battens and weighted down with bars and stones to secure it. In the Alpine region this type of roofing can still be found in some areas.

Timber shingles have exceptional visual appeal, they also reflect a close bond with nature and are in harmony with the landscape. However, in terms of their function and resistance to the effects of weather, timber shingles are also an entirely contemporary alternative to the more conventional types of roofing and wall cladding.

Roof shingles are mainly split shingles. The timber is split along its grain and remains undamaged along the entire length of the shingle.