The Team

Employees of the Theo Ott Company
Tunay Öztunc
has worked in the shingle industry since 1976,
Managing Director since 1994,
responsible for business management,
Sales in Southern Germany,
Tel: 08654-48188-24
eMail: tunay@holzschindeln.de
Tunay Öztunc
Alex Krügel
Managing Director since 2003,
responsible for business management,
purchases, sales in Austria and Northern Germany,
electronic data processing
Tel: 08654-48188-25
eMail: alex@holzschindeln.de
Alex Krügel
Walli Geigl
has worked in the shingle industry since 1992,
responsible for accounts, sales and administration
Tel: 08654-48188-21
eMail: walli@holzschindeln.de
Walli Geigl
Heinrich Koch
has worked in the shingle industry since 1978,
responsible for inventory control, quality control and dispatch
Tel: 08654-48188-30
Heinrich Koch
Stefan Willberger
Commercial trainee
Tel: 08654-48188-26
eMail: stefan@holzschindeln.de
Robert Heinzel